Chad Chaney

"My first single comes out all over the country in a few months! Thanks to Josh, producing and playing all the instruments like a pro!"

Pat McGuire

"Josh brought professionalism and a quality recording environment. Josh isn't just an excellent musician and producer, he's my brother and co-laborer in God's work. Thanks, my bro."

Kenny Wayne

"It was an honor and privilege to work with such a talented and humble gift as Josh. Thank you for not just engineering our music, but also connecting with it and approaching it as your own."

Bill Parrish

"Josh not only produced my song, he played all the instruments! Thanks for refining my vocals, great experience!"

Daniel Moore

"I am a signed artist (9 Lives Records) and have worked in many studios in LA as well as other parts of the country. After working with Josh, I want to use him exclusively. I’ve really never had a better session."

Tom Anderson

"What a blessing working with Josh! I sent the lyrics and he produced the music! He does everything and the results are awesome!!"

Robyn Burris

"Josh is the reason I am even singing!!! I was a closet songwriter and singer, and with his amazing talent and confidence in me, I made a CD, started a band and am now enjoying a great music career!!"

Andres Pulido

"There is pretty much nothing this guy isn’t capable of, no joke! Josh's patience, professional attitude, and passion to assist artists in their creative adventures, is why I recommend him to anyone!"

Tim Dolbear

"Josh has great talent, both as a songwriter and instrumentalist. I really enjoyed mixing the album with you!"

Stephen Martin

"Josh has an excellent ability to hear and produce results. I highly recommend him for any recording, producing, or musical needs."

Brett Tubbs

"Josh has great talent and took a great deal of time to work on my CD project, I can’t wait to record with him again in the future. Thanks Josh, for all you do!"