Hey there! Thanks for checking out my site! Here’s a bit about me… In a nutshell, I’m a bi-vocational musician/worship leader from Austin, Texas. More importantly, I’m a father and husband, and have a heart to serve God and people.

During the week, I work in technology expense management. I have the honor of leading a team of talented musicians and singers each weekend for a local church community and occasionally play lead guitar for a gospel group. Some of my proficiencies include vocal performance, guitar, keys, drums, and audio production. Over the years, I’ve produced music for local artists and licensed songs in TV/Film for Universal and FirstCom Music. I’ve grown up with a passion for music since I was a kid! I used to make noise with a garage band in my early teen years, starting with learning to play drums (I wasn’t that good at first, but I practiced and was determined!) I learned to write melodies on keyboard and guitar, then picked up singing in church.

Navigating life is challenging, though God continues to pursue us and give us perspective. I’ve seen the evidence of His goodness and grace in my life, and was inspired to write a few Contemporary Christian songs, which received air time and Honorable Mention awards in the Gospel/Inspirational/Christian category from Billboard World Song Contest, The Great American Song Contest and 24th Annual Mid-Atlantic Song Contest. Before starting a family, I had an opportunity to tour for a year with a recycle-themed big band ensemble, delighting audiences at state fairs, festivals, theaters and corporate events.

I’m encouraged by those who share ministry and life together. God loves us, so we can love others. Feel free to check out some of the music and videos. I hope the songs uplift you! Be blessed!

– Josh

Pop/Rock arrangements for TV/Film Synchronization available in required formats.

Session tracking available: Lead/BGV, Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Keys, Bass and Drums.

Modern Signal Processing, EQ, Compression, Panning, Pitch Correction and Multi-Effects.

Inquiry for band or solo performance at your next church service or special event.