Electric Guitar Fender Stratocaster w/ Seymour Duncan Pickups

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Fender Deluxe Amp

Boss DD-20 Delay Pedal, Line 6 Echo Park Delay Pedal

Fulltone Full-Drive 2 Mosfet Overdrive

Taylor 210 CE Acoustic Guitar

Casio Privia PX-200 KeyboardRelated image

Yamaha 4-String Electric Bass

Tama Drums w/ Zildjian ZXT Titanium Cymbals

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Sonar Producer, Reason

UAD Plugins and Waves

1176 Compressors, LA-610 MK II, Pultec EQ, etc.

API A2D Dual Analog Preamp w/ Analog and Digital Output

Focusrite Saffire Pro 40

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Behringer X32

Blue Baby Bottle Condenser Mic, SM57, SM58, etc.

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